Wooden Magazine Racks: Several Ways To Use Them

The wooden magazine rack has been around for a pretty long time. The look and design may have changed over the years but its purpose has not. We have seen them countless times during visits to the doctor’s office, waiting patiently in the waiting room, sometimes for hours on end. Frustrated and knowing the reason they display all these magazines to read is to hope that time goes by quickly. Sometimes we get mad at the magazine racks and take our frustration out on it. Yet when we are called into the doctor’s office, all is forgotten until our next appointment which we hope will not occur anytime soon.

The next time we are at the doctor’s office, we do not bother with the magazines. Instead we look at the wooden magazine holder and ponder. We wonder if it can be useful for other functions instead of its sole purpose of displaying magazines. Creative ideas start to pop up in our minds. For one, it can be used in business office settings for internal mail. Employee names can be placed on each slot and mail can be placed into the slots. It is a great way to distribute mail. For classrooms settings, we can use student names for each slot and assign the child to go and retrieve their stuff from the mailbox prior to leaving the classroom. Anything that needs to go home with a student for parents to see will be taken home by each student.

These are some suggested ideas of making great use for the wooden magazine racks when there is no television at the doctor’s office and the magazine rack becomes the focal point of distraction and attention. Not everyone is like this but we have a lot of time on our hands when we are waiting, boredom seeps in and imagination takes over.

For the wooden magazine racks itself, sometimes they are mounted on a wall and sometimes they are free standing in the middle of a room. With a vertical design, the magazines attract our eyes whereas placing them onto a table, we only see the top of the magazine. Each slot on the magazine rack separates different magazines making them easier for us to see which ones we want to look at. If we are waiting long enough in the waiting room, eventually, we reach over for a magazine and start browsing. The next time you see a wooden magazine rack, think about what other useful and creative ways it can be used for, it will help make waiting a less challenging task.

Post time: 09-16-2017