Workholding, Degating and Inspection Fixtures

In the world of high production and manufacturing, one of the most over looked tools in the industry is the use of a properly designed workholding fixture. I have found that a lot of manufacturing companies will overlook the importance of a properly designed workholding, degating or inspection fixture as a means of increasing production, simply because they feel they can do it in house “cheaper”.

A properly designed fixture will allow you to increase your feed rates due to the rigidity designed into the fixture and make a more accurate part every time, nip your gates clean, precise and within .005″ to the actual part in a matter of seconds, or allow an inspector to perform a complete inspection in the time it would normally take to inspect one dimension. At Precision tooling & design LLC, our only business is fixtures, which ensures that our customers get the highest quality fixture designed specifically for your part and machine, and because our designers are also skilled toolmakers, you can be sure that you we will get it right the first time. Our Degating fixtures are second to none. We offer a wide variety of options to accommodate all of your parts, including fully PLC controlled, retractable nipper blades, light curtains for safety, and much more. Visit our web site to learn more about how these tools can help your company become more profitable.

Precision Tooling & Design LLC

Designers and builders of custom workholding, degating and inspection fixtures. Solid modeling services are also available.

Post time: 01-29-2017