“World’s Greatest!…” Television Episode 192 | Featuring Industry Great Companies

Segment participants include: Ayanna Plastics, J. Walter Miller, Kimble Company, Custom Equipment Design, Insight Merchandising, Plattco Corp., Global Traffic Technologies

Ayanna Plastics became a trailblazer in it’s industry by building a company that combines traditional craftsmanship and cutting- edge technology. We are a leading injection molding manufacturer specializing in the building of Class “A” injection molds and molding of thermoplastic resins. Ayanna Plastics is your one- stop shop for plastic manufacturing needs that include: plastic injection mold design, custom industrial mold making, full production, long & short run plastic injection molding, hot stampings for industrial plastics, insert molding, on-site injection plastic mold repair and maintenance, injection fabrications, assembly, packaging and delivery.

J. Walter Miller Company has been making brass and bronze castings since 1887. They are a leader in casting no lead alloys and helping customers convert from leaded castings to no lead castings. The design services and pattern shop are able to make the transition smooth and update existing tooling for the conversion.

Since 1948, Kimble has promised its customers that their family of services are delivered in ways that environmentally conscious, cost- efficient, and customer- centered. Services included trash collection, dumpster rental, landfill disposal, recycling services, materials & aggregate, oil & gas services, and energy services.

Custom Equipment Design, Inc. is one of the pioneer founding companies in the advent of FIBC (bulk bag) packaging in the United States. CED was founded in 1980 as the result of the successful introduction of bulk bags as a packaging concept for use in dry, flowable products by US Industry. CED provided one of the very first bulk bag filters in the US, which happens to be in operation to this day. CED filler enhancements include: height adjustable machines to accommodate bag size variations, inflation cuff for sealing the bag spout connection for dust control and bag retention, dust collect features for safely removing displaced air from the bag during filing, bag inflation for optimum filing, high amplitude/ low frequency densifier for the most effective de- aeration of product, enabling efficient utilization of bag volume and stable, firm, erect, filled bags, and ergonomically designed Traversing Spout and Latches.

Insight Merchandising designs and manufacturers quality custom store fixtures and displays for today’s retailer. Founded in 1996, the corporate office is located in Grapevine, Texas, with sales teams throughout the country. Products include metal racks, wire racks, plastic racks, signs, and wood.

Since 1897, Plattco has been a company focused on exceeding the needs of our customers by providing solutions for the most difficult dry material handling issues. Products include double flap airlock valves, and Plattco’s Slide/ Isolation Gates. Services include field service program (we perform service while training your people to maintain your valves for the future), free trial program (find out how well Plattco valves work with a free 30-day trial, regrind option (enjoy the same level of air seal performance for decades when you regrind the seats and flappers), system design support (can help you solve specific application problems), and cost benefit calculator (determine the value of choosing Plattco valves for your operation).

Global Traffic Technologies was formed in 2007 from 3M’s pioneering Intelligent Transportation Systems business, is the manufacturer of Opticom priority control systems and Conoga traffic sensing systems. These systems have provided safe and reliable traffic solutions to communities for over 40 years. Products include Opticom GPS system, Opticom IR System, Opticom Multimode System, Opticom CMS for Emergency Response, Transit Signal Priorirty and Traffic Sensing.

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Post time: 09-03-2017