XLEDIA LED Light Bulb Introduction – First LED Bulbs For Fully Enclosed Fixtures

Introducing XLEDIA X Series LED Light Bulbs, the first series of directional LED bulbs suitable for fully enclosed fixtures. XLEDIA X series incorporate technologies and advances from high-end semi-conductor manufacturing to enable an LED bulb series with exceptional performance in any application.

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Unlike most LED Bulbs which carry a strong warning about using the bulb in a fully enclosed fixture, X Series LED Bulbs are different. Thanks to a Thermal Tunneling Resistance (TTR) Technology, X Series LED Bulbs can be used in fully enclosed environments. TTR creates a thermal tunneling effect to enhance air particles to tunnel through the heat sink and to carry out more heat generated by LED emitters. It also reduces the weight of a bulb, up to 50% lighter, and improves the cooling efficiency up to 60 degrees F (15C) cooler.

Purchase XLEDIA LED Light bulbs here: http://store.earthled.com/collections/xledia-x-series-led-light-bulbs-for-fully-enclosed-fixtures

Post time: 09-25-2017