Your Selection Of A Shot Glass Holder Cabinet Accents Your Personality

In order to give your viewers the full effect of your collection it is important you choose shot glass racks that will not only display your present collection, but will also allow you the space to grow your collection over time. For this reason a shot glass cabinet which has removable shelves will allow you the design required to house both standard and double shot glasses while providing some flexibility for growth. So before purchasing any shot glass display case figure out how many new glasses you collect per year, then buy the unit which will allow you at least two years of growth.

There is a large variety of shot glass holders to choose from — dark or light wood, stationary or removable shelves, mirrored or wooden backgrounds and whether it is fronted with or without doors. All are choices which will help you to organize your collection the way that best suits you. For example, doors on your shot glass display case says, “I want my collection to look great, but I don’t want to have to clean it all the time.” On the other hand the lack of doors says, “Come one, come all, come see my treasures.” But it could also calls “I am getting dust all over and you need to clean me once a while”.

Choosing a cabinet that is made of solid wood is much more fancy then those of made out of veneer or pressed wood. It should that you have a great taste and willing to invest for the better things. I also demonstrate your taste of art.

One of the most important elements of displaying your collection is just where to locate the holder cabinet. There are a few rules you should follow:

* Place the cabinet at eye level so the viewer does not have to strain to see each glass.

* Keep it away from doorways, for the vibrations caused by closing doors can rattle the shot glasses, which may cause damage.

* Place the holder off-the-beaten-path as foot traffic passing by can also cause damage.

* Make sure your display unit is located high enough so children and pets can not get at the glasses.

In essence, the way you showcase your collection is a personality mirror. For when a friend views them, each piece becomes a glimpse into your adventures, and the method for which you have chosen to remember those experiences.

Post time: 09-19-2017