How to choose the jewelry showcase manufacturer

jewelry-showcase-manufacturHow to choose the jewelry showcase manufacturer:

First of all,you should pay attention to the design,Design style should be simple and generous,In the process avoiding the complex. The industry of showcase is full Handmade , it is beautiful , simple operation, and strong practicality is the most important.
Professional craft material:
1, if the shop has no special requirements, it needn’t use Decorative High-pressure Laminate (high cost), The substrate can choose E1 grade environmental protection fiber board.(strong plasticity)
2, clean paint shop closed production, paint surface need no particles and no bubble.
3, glass splicing must use the Ultraviolet Rays glue, 45 degree splicing , splicing the cabinet into safety angle, avoid the glass edges hurt people.
4、due to it have a large number of glass products in jewelry showcase , it need use the international standard wooden box packaging,before packaging, do cleaning for the cabinet, and then carries on the net ion processing, Foam to withstand the inside of the glass, Plastic film covered whole cabinet, The glass is wrapped around with pearl cotton , After the bubble wrap, forming into wooden box package.
Professional lighting guide:
The light is the most important thing for the jewelry display showcase, FM store fixtures manufacturer will give you the professional guidance about the showcase, yellow light for gold jewelry, white light for platinum jewelry , white and yellow combined can be better for rendering the atmosphere of jewelry products.

Post time: 02-05-2016